Annika Kretschmer

A recent graduate from the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, Annika received her Bachelor’s Art in History as well as a minor in Education. Over the course of three years at USFSP she was able to continue to work at Florida Reading & Vision Technology. Annika has been a part of Florida Reading for many years, helping out at trade shows and in the main office. Now a college graduate located on the west coast of Florida, she hopes to increase her connections with the Blind and Visually impaired individuals.

Annika has volunteered at the Foundation Fighting BlindnessVision Walks, Florida’s Braille Challenge and Cane Quest. She has also set up CCTV’s in senior’s homes and trained them on using their new reading machine. In the fall of 2016 she is starting grad school, pursuing a Masters of Social Work, with a desire to work with foster care children. You can email Annika: