Lesa Kretschmer, President

Lesa Kretschmer, President of Florida Reading and Vision Technology, has been working with the Visually Impaired and Blind since 1993.

A dedicated professional, Lesa is committed to placing adaptive technology exactly where it belongs, in the hands of the end user.

"I have seen adaptive technology dramatically improve people's lives, whether it's assisting someone back into the workplace, enlarging a student's potential or helping a senior citizen maintain their independence."

Lesa has worked extensively with individuals, occupational therapists, low vision doctors, Lighthouses, the Division of Blind Services and a spectrum of Educational and Government Institutions. She has conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops and vision fairs around the state. She has also been a guest on national and local television and radio programs.

Lesa is an advocate for the blind and visually impaired and led the effort to have nine Florida mayors proclaim May 1st as Macular Degeneration Awareness Day.